One Piece

The puzzle is a great metaphor for figuring things out…life, school, relationships, health.  There always seems to be something that people are trying to figure out, just like a puzzle.  Sometimes it seems that there are so many pieces to figure out that it can be overwhelming.  I see this all the times with my students.  They fall behind on their school work, they have family or relationship drama, they have social media misuse issues, drug issues, life issues and pretty soon the puzzle of their lives is unmanageable.  Instead of all of this stress propelling them to be productive, it has the opposite effect.  They get paralyzed. And do nothing.  Absolutely, nothing.

So, I was thinking…what if all they needed was one piece of the puzzle to fit instead of trying to figure out all of the pieces?  It just seems like a teenager trying to figure everything out is counterproductive… when all they are really trying to do is figure themselves out.

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