Cool. I started a blog, but am I blogging?

This blog may be a little premature, late, or right on time, either way, I can’t worry about the timing or the details anymore, I just need to start blogging.  Like anything else the more I do it the more it will naturally refine itself, well maybe not naturally but things have a funny way of doing that the more you actually do them.  I have to start somewhere…today.

It has been almost a year since I started this blog and I have not kept up with it.  First of of all, there is so much I could blog about that I have a hard time narrowing down one idea.  To tell you(me) the truth, this blog post sprang out of another blog post that I JUST saved as a draft.  I have lots of ideas for posts but once I start writing I get hung up on the details.  I worry about my writing, spelling, and grammar-yes, I’m an English teacher but I struggle with commas, spelling, than/then, the basics.  I’m in a constant state of Google when I grade papers.  Confession: I withdrew from my 4 unit grammar class in my last semester of college.  The textbook was from the 1950’s and the professor was probably born in the 1920’s  I didn’t want to fail so I withdrew.  All I know about the mechanics and semantics of writing is from high school.  Sure, I’ve learned by reading student papers, but it’s like anything, until you do something yourself you don’t really learn it.   I can’t learn writing by proxy, I actually have to honker down write.

My other problem when I start a blog post is I want to add frilly pics, links, shout outs, and background music to make it look cool.  Newsflash!! If I don’t do something there will not even be anything to even be an attempt at cool.  The only way to make something look cool is for it to actually BE cool. And trying something, even if it fails is cool.  (Except for my college grammar class that I most certainly would have failed.)  Not writing anything is not cool so I figure if I can at least write something I have a better chance of reaching my cool goal. And I’m not talking about being cool to others, I’m talking about just being cool with myself, keeping to my own timeline, because nowhere on this timeline-of-cool am I mentioned.

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2 Responses to Cool

  1. thehunni says:

    Welcome back to the blogging world. Bravo! I, too, struggled with grammar issues until I came to teach it, mindfully. And I still get hung up when asked things like what’s the past particle, blah blah, blah. One sure fire improvement for me was doing Bedford Exercise Cental and also with my students. Glad you have emerged – it is the best PD you can do for yourself!, and your students.

  2. I’m an English teacher too, and I’m also a writer. Teaching English for almost seven years has made writing more difficult. Obviously, it’s difficult to make the time to write, but it’s also really hard to shut off that teacher/editor side of my brain while writing. I’ve found that typing and either darkening the screen or keeping my eyes on something else helps. Other times I just tell myself that I’m just talking on paper. It’s casual, it’s no big deal–even if it’s a query letter to a literary agent or part of a novel I’m working on. When I’m done writing, I go back and fix it up. But I always edit at a different time of day so that editing and writing are distinctly separate activities. Not sure if any of that will help you, but thought I’d share. 🙂

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