I was literally just writing a blog post about Visual Notetaking, Doodling, Sketchnotes, Scribbles, etc…when I had a blogiphany.  I quickly saved my other post as a draft and started this post.

I have recently (two days ago) been inspired to share something everyday. Two people and their work have inspired me to do so:

Brad Ovenell-Carter:

  • His blog — Scrolling through his blog I saw some very brief posts.  Call me naive, or                         just learning, but I didn’t know I could do that!
  • (You are probably wondering why I’m not writing his sketchnotes down as an inspiration, well, that is currently being plugged into my post about visual notetaking.)

Austin Kleon:

  • SHOW YOUR WORK — On the inside flap of his book he writes,                                 “Share something new everyday (but don’t turn into human spam). Keep an amateur’s mind–where the possibilities are limitless.”
  • I like this quote for myself, but even more for my students.  They need to see what limitless can look like even while they are sitting in a classroom, actually, especially while they are in a classroom.

With my newfound goal of sharing something everyday(at least for the next month) I have the freedom to keep shares short and relish in the process of showing.

On page 5 of Kleon’s I interpreted what he wrote as the following:  Showing is growing. My goal is to see what will happen when I take this idea back to my classroom and share/show it to my students.



PS. Don’t worry I won’t completely steal Brad Ovenell-Carter’s idea to #showyourwork by using Kleon’s book for all of my short posts.

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1 Response to Blogiphany

  1. Great points. As a teacher myself, I could relate to what you were saying and contemplating. I look forward to reading more!

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