Operating at 10%

Today I had a learning day with my colleagues Chris Long and Gabe Roberts.  It was a pretty low-key session.  Chris was showing us all these amazing ways we can use Canvas LMS.

At one point during the session Chris was standing behind me giving me directions to use keyboard shortcuts and I was at a total loss. Then he noticed my GoogleChrome was not set up entirely right, and then something else happened with saving images and files that I wasn’t doing right.  He also thought I was a “sketcher” and kept saying I could just do “sketches” and I just kept thinking, “I can’t sketch anything that is recognizable, why would I sketch!” (Sketching is on my to-d0 list but that is in another post.)  At any rate, finally, in a joke of frustration or a moment of realization Chris exclaimed, “Well, now we know you are only operating at 10%!”  We laughed and moved on to the tasks at hand.

Chris gave me a tip to find a cheat sheet of keyboard shortcuts and just pick two a week to master.  So I did.  These are the two I will work on this week:

Press ⌘-O, then select file. Opens a file from your computer in Google Chrome.
⌘-Shift-I Emails your current page.

Tonight, as I was reflecting on my day and thinking what could I share, I thought of Chris’s comment.   Is operating at 10% a bad thing?  Not really, but operating at a higher percentage rate would sure make keyboarding and Canvas LMS a whole lot easier and faster.  I always claim to have a beginner’s mind–and I wish I was using the phrase to sound Zen like and open-minded, but the truth is, I am a literally a beginner.

The best thing about operating at %10 is that there is ALWAYS room to learn something new.  I’m excited to see where I’ll be when I can operate at about 12%, which should be at the end of this week–once I have mastered these two new keyboard cuts.  

The one thing that I did learn today is that Chris Long has a 10% zone of operation when it comes to drawing stars or the Google Drive symbol.



PS:  I used my one of my new keyboard cuts 2x during the writing of this post.


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