The Power of Sharing

I’ll try to make this quick because I have zero time to write this right now but here goes…

Last weekend I saw this tweet:

I read this teacher’s post–I do not know Mr. Burt but his blog post caught my eye because he is also an alternative education teacher.  If you read his post you will see my comment at the end of his post.  I immediately felt compelled to connect his students and mine. We do not even teach the same subjects, but we definitely teach the same students.

Alt ed students often get a bad rap for being the “bad kids”, however, many of them
are seriously lost and broken from circumstances beyond their control.  Some of them choose a destructive path to deal with their pain and others are buried so deep in depression and anxiety that they physically have a hard time making it to school.  For whatever reason, and whatever behaviors that have lead them to alt ed, here they are, bleeding in the seats and ready to burst.

Long story short…I was so hyped on the rawness and openness of Mr. Burt’s students blogs that I wanted my students to comment and connect with them.  Today, I took over the computer lab and two of my periods made comments.  I was impressed by the comments my students were making–I only caught one student commenting with the intent to get more twitter followers.

The first class ended and I went along through my day until I got this tweet:

Let me explain:  This student is not even my student.  He was in the computer lab when I went in there and I just asked him to do it.  He commented on one of Mr. Burt’s student’s posts and he related to her about his mom.  His post is the first comment(but read both comments they are very heartfelt).


Basically the student who wrote the first comment decided to write a rap about the absence of his mom that was inspired by Mr. Burt’s class blogging about their Crucibles. Honestly, he is not a student on my roll but I think I have just added another one to my heart.  I will mentor and follow his trail now, and perhaps I will have him when he is a senior.

This is the power of sharing.  This is how it is supposed to work.  Across grade levels, across curriculum, and across the physical barriers of land.  This is a great start to the #alted connections that I am looking to make and grow for our students.


*Please excuse any minor/major errors.  I wrote this lightning speed.

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1 Response to The Power of Sharing

  1. You may be writing at lightning speed, but the point is you are writing, which is more than I can say about my attempts. I’m inspired by the connectedness between your classrooms and the prospect of students writing to a larger audience means that they may also write not only at greater speeds, but also to greater lengths and of a greater quality. Thanks for making this connection with my school. I’m excited about more things to come!

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